Opening -

Let us open your pool! Pool opening service includes:
- Set up of filter and pump equipment
- Removal of winter cover and plugs
- Install deck equipment; raillings, ladders, diving board
- Restore pool to working orderThe starting price for an opening is $250. An initial cleaning is available upon request, pricing is not included in the opening price. 

Cleanings -

After the initial opening, weekly cleanings throughout the pool season are the key to keeping that crystal blue water.  Weekly cleanings include:
– Weekly power vacuum service
– Chemical test
– Chlorine level check
– Equipment check
– Filter backwash
– Skimmer dump

Cleanings start at $75 per hour and may vary depending on additional services.


Closing -

Closing a pool can be a complicated job.  However if you leave it to L.I.P.D., you can rest assured that the job will get done.  The Closing service includes:
– Winterization of the filter and pump equipment
– Winterization of pool lines, returns, Polaris, and spa lines
– Removal of all deck equipment including railings, ladders, and diving board

Closings start at $250 and may vary depending on additional services.  


Additional Services -

The services offered by L.I.P.D. are far from limited in scope. Other services we offer include:
- Repairs
- Super Vac
- Super Filter
- Spot Vacuum
- Installs for: Heaters, Pumps, Filters, Safety Covers, Liners

Please feel free to contact us for more details on these services.